A great man once said If there is a challenge there is always a solution to it. Challengers are opportunities with defined boundaries to bring the best out of a team to fulfill the necessary criteria’s to build a great product or service. Once when a project is successful, we reflect back to see what are the internal and external parameters we have followed to make a successful project . The Listing down the outcome of that study becomes a great Case study which can draw a huge learning curve for the Design team and show out the truth and transparency of work which builds trust to our client.

WE, New Way Enterprises, would like to bring one such challenge named Project “Golden Opulence” situated on the 11th floor Tower 1 – Poonamalle By pass roads.

Project Description

This project is situated on the 11th floor in Tower -1 of Golden Opluence apartments in Poonamalle By pass roads


  • Access to the apartment 
    • The access to the elevator was restricted to a very minimum time. It could be accessed only with the help of an lift operator which posed a serious challenge during the transportation of materials.
  • Logistics
    • The shifting and moving of materials had to be meticulously planned so as to make use of the elevator and constant power cuts did not help the cause.
  • Climatic Conditions
    • The project was undertaken during the monsoon and the sudden rains would further dent the progress of work as the mud would get quite soggy and slushy.
  • Communication
    • Timezone was a critical challenge as our client was abroad and we had to take into consideration the zone challenges and time difference. Thankfully we had technology to help us in communication, but it never matches to the reality of the person being present there.There were extreme difficulties with the communication signals as well

“Working with Artworks is simple and enjoyable, and with the Costa Coffee project they excelled themselves with the innovative solutions for the end product, which looks outstanding. They are a user friendly, turn-key solution for us. Together with their pro-active design team and superior product output, we have formed a fantastic partnership with them over a number of years, knowing that whatever we throw their way, they can and will deliver for us.”